18/03/2022, InterOcio

On March 18, we tested the first prototype of Red Code, our game about computer security, in Bilbao.

Red Code

12/03/2022, InterOcio

On March 12 and 13, we presented Block Miners board game in the AGR stand of the first edition of InterOcio international board game convention at IFEMA, Madrid.

InterOcio InterOcio InterOcio

20/02/2022, LUDO playtest

On February 20, we met in Distrito Zero Games Store with Asociacion LUDO, the Spanish Association of Game Designers, and we playtested Block Miners with some game designers and their kids.


28/11/2021, Bilbao meeting

Last 29th and 30th of November we met in Bilbao to work on the intellectual outputs, the piloting of the project, the dissemination and the management of the project. It was two days of hard work in which we also played Moon and Block Miners.


28/09/2021 “Presentation of the Blockchain board game”

On 25 September, the prototype of the Blockchain board game was presented to a community of board game experts. Pablo Garaizar attended the event and had the opportunity to present the Pixels & Meeples project and also one of the intellectual products of the project, the Blockchain board game. Participation in this event was an opportunity to test the game for the first time with people outside the consortium and to gather suggestions for improvement from a community of experts in the field.


15/06/2021, The online version of the board game MOON is now available

The online version of the board game MOON is now available. In the game "MOON" we control the computer of the lunar module Eagle during the first landing on the moon and help the astronauts to complete their mission by performing binary operations and repairing hardware failures. MOON is an educational board game that teaches us to count in binary and to understand how a computer works. Now, thanks to its free online version, anyone can learn and have fun using MOON on any device and from anywhere.

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03/06/2021, MOON Webinar

On the 1st of June the Pixels & Meeples project consortium held a webinar focused on the use of the online version of MOON. In the webinar Pablo Garaizar showed how the application works and an interesting debate was established between the partners about the integration of the game in the classroom, the explanation required for the students, the advantages of the online format, etc. This webinar was the starting point for the launch of the application and its implementation in schools.

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26/03/2021, Pixels & Meeples Project Kick-off meeting

The Pixels & Meeples project consortium met virtually on 23 March to define the strategic actions to be carried out in the development of the intellectual products of the project. In the virtual meeting, in which a representation of the 6 participating entities took part, the milestones of the project and the plans to achieve the objectives were presented and different pedagogical and design issues on the creation of the games were agreed upon. It was a good opportunity to get to know each other and to express our shared enthusiasm for the project.

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